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10 DIY ideas you should try for a teen room

Posted by on Jan 19, 2017 in Decoration |

10 DIY ideas you should try for a teen room

Looking for something new and fun for your home? Here are 10 DIY ideas, you should love.

Meg here from youtube fame has 10 DIY ideas for you to try, and we’re adding in for a teen room, because they will fit perfect.

The #1 to 10 DIY ideas for a teen would be a heart pillow. She recommends just getting a heart stencil and spray painting. Not sure how that would feel, spray painted fabric, but for decorative pieces, sure… just make sure your teen isn’t smoking.

The #2 DIY ideas for a teen room would be a dozen hairbands stretched across a frame. This has a really neat look and is something your teen could easily do and hang on their wall as their own.

The #3 DIY idea for a teen room is similar to a vision board, but it’s a vision map. You can put a map on your wall and pins for places you’ve been AND places you’d like to go.

The #4 DIY idea for a teen room is hanging positive phrases onto bright colored paper.

The #5 DIY idea for a teen room is creating your own clock! Get some numbers and hang them on the wall, around a small battery operated clock. Just be careful what kind of wall glue you use.

The #6 one is more for the teen, it’s a key necklace. Just tape them to a chain after dipping them in colored glue.

The #7 one for a teen too, by taking their favorite emoji and printing it onto a t-shirt iron on.

The #8 next idea, back to the room, is sprucing up your desk organizer with colored tape to make patterns.

The #9 craft is a custom phone case that you paint after you put a tape design on it first.

The #10 item is something she never mentioned! She can’t count, lol. But she did have a neat jar that is filled with well wishes that can fill this spot.

DIY paint ideas

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Decoration, DIY, Home |

Looking to paint your new home on your own? Here are some DIY ideas for you…

painting room blueNot sure where to start? Well, here is a good place.

Ok, first off the main thing you want to do is obviously lay out a plan. Because people will start a project, pick a color they like, paint a room or a wall and it ends up being a nightmare that someone else has to paint over when they sell their home. Why? How does this happen? Read on and find out.

Your plan isn’t just what color you like (& how it will actually look on the wall), but what do you use this room for and how do you want it to feel like? Such as, are there a lot of windows and you have that “openness” but you want it to feel smaller, then go dark. Is it a small room with no windows and you want it to feel larger, then go with a light color. Get the idea? Is it an office, then perhaps a “rich” color. Is there wood or other features you’d like to highlight? Then go with something neutral that will show them off. Kitchens should feel warm, entryways inviting, bedrooms dark. Not ready to take the full plunge? Then go with a “spotlight” wall where you can highlight that (perhaps with some faux finishing) and leave the rest white.

Next, what is going into that room? What is the furniture like? Are there cabinets of a certain color? What will be on the walls? Do you want that to ‘pop’ from your chosen wall color? Or match and blend together? See, it gets a lot tricker when you take this all into effect. Picture a room with a white marble floor, white couch and silver picture frames on a dark purple wall. Sounds delicious, right? How about a den with wood floors, wood selves and a desk, with a blue wall… wouldn’t work, right? But a dark brown to add to the power of the room would work well.

Now, whichever color you choose, make sure you find colors that not only MATCH, but also are opposite on the color wheel, to compliment. These other colors can be in the furniture, artwork, throw pillows, or anywhere. As long as they’re there. This is basic design 101.

As for the paint, start off by getting those little chips. Take home the booklet, look them over, find a few you like and try to sort it out to your top 3. Don’t move ahead yet, because we need to do something that will save you a lot of heartache, first. And that is you need to buy a 1 oz. can of paint, just a small sampler, so you can actually paint a large portion of your wall, like a 3 x 3 area. Because once it’s on your wall in a grander scale than the little swatch card, the color changes! It looks completely different. Really, it’s truly amazing how a swatch can look like one color and then on the wall it looks like something else. You go from “fall brown” on the swatch to “pumpkin orange” on the wall and you have to start over. So verify the color first.

And that’s it! Decide on the look/feel you want. Look at your room and what you have inside and on the walls plus what the elements are to know what you’re working with. Get a swatch, paint a sample and then you’re golden. You should be enjoying your new room after a quick day, or weekend tops, of work on your part. Remember, it’s the blue tape that is for painting to protect your edges and corners, and make sure to get a roll of shrink wrap that you will act as “tape” to cover your carpets and protect your floors in 2′ wide sections at a time.

Redecorating ideas

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Decoration, Home |

Need some ideas for redecorating?

You’ll be glad to hear that it’s nearly everyone who gets tired of their home’s look and decides to redecorate. It seems that if you wait 40 years things will come around back in style, but who wants to wait that long. So must of us get the 3, 5 or 7 year itch and tend to want a new look, which is fine. But let’s do this strategically, ok?

First, don’t become a junk shop addict and just buy things that catch your eye. It’s better to have an overall plan, and that plan should begin 1 room at a time. So what room do you want to redecorate first? The kitchen is the heart of the home, so you could star there (& do things on a budget, it doesn’t have to be a whole renovation). Or if your master bedroom is your castle, or office, or basement… whichever, just choose where to begin.

Next is agreeing with your significant other on the look you want! It’s good to have a clear direction and goal. Start by getting ideas from magazines (the library and going through old copies of architectural digest is a great start). Or there’s online, instagram and pinterest are great sites to view picture after picture. Agree on a style or type of look and you are then able to begin to create your own once you know what you want.

Lastly is deciding what to change. It could be the walls (paint) and that will give you a drastic change in a day. Look at what color will complement the walls and then decorate in those colors. Will you keep your furniture? Or change it out? What about light fixtures? Picture going from your typical beige walls/carpet with a brown couch and dark lamps, to a sea blue wall, with white rugs and golden fixtures. Quite the change isn’t it! You can do the same with a little planning, inspiration and action.