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Arguments about redecorations

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Decoration, Home |

Once in a while, my wife and I have a quarrel. It’s not a serious argument, but we always have to fight about this topic. And that topic is a home improvement. Every year we have an argument about how we are going to redecorate our house. It’s an argument because I think that we shouldn’t remodel our home every year. She is always trying something to change and I am old fashion guy who likes when things do not have to change so often.  But I believe that marriage is a compromise – therefore I always lose this battle. But I am satisfied that she doesn’t remodel every inch of our house every year. Last year she decorated our bathroom and living room. This year she wants us to decorate kitchen and our master bedroom. Luckily her remodeling fever doesn’t affect kid’s rooms.

So we started with a kitchen this year. She wanted to buy a fridge and new oven. Although they are old, I think that you shouldn’t replace old things with new, if old things work very well still. Another compromise was made, and we decided that we will only replace the oven. The old one we will give to our friends because their broke just a few days before. Maybe that’s why I agreed to give the good working oven. When we finished that argument we continued to the new one – in which color we should paint our kitchen. I didn’t have problems with this because we agreed that color needs a little bit of a refreshment. That old combination was bad and stale. So we repainted old blue color with green so we created some weird green-blue combination and I really liked it. She was pretty pleased with that, so we could continue to the improvement of the bedroom.

This was the hard one because it’s our room, not mine and not hers. So, fighting was back on. She wanted a new closet and I was against it because it was a wedding gift from my grandfather. He was a carpenter and he said to me that he didn’t believe in the quality of new wooden closets, so he made me that one. My wife, although stubborn sometimes, is a reasonable woman and she agreed with me that we should keep our closet. It looks like that she also shares my opinion about marriage being a compromise. Maybe that’s why I married her. But the fight wasn’t done yet. New sheets for bed must be bought and it must be in a color of the new walls. We talked a lot about how repainting for two rooms isn’t necessary. But we finally settled that new red color will be uplifting for our bedroom.

Then came the final stage of our remodeling, putting the old stuff in the garage. I enjoy this because it means that her remodeling fever is almost over, and I consider a garage some kind of my room. There I put all my old stuff that she considers garbage. She doesn’t understand my emotional feelings about my old high school trophies and my college tracksuits. But she gave that garage for those things, and that’s why I love her and that’s why I always forget about our arguments.